Peter Neville - Pensions and Benefits UK 2019

Peter Neville

Peter Neville joined the AMNT Committee in 2019. Having taken early retirement, he has been a pensioner-elected trustee of BTGplc Pension Fund (400 members) for about fifteen years.

His knowledge of pensions, coupled with the fact that he was already an elected trustee, caused his local council to put him forward for the Hertfordshire Pension Board (the oversight body for all local authority pensions in Hertfordshire, with member-nominated reps on the Board), which he chaired 2017-8.
He has been an AMNT panellist at various events such as at PBUK.

At adviser events, he found that chatting to trustees of other schemes gave him a valuable wider perspective. Therefore, if AMNT didn't exist, it would surely have to be invented. Accordingly, his interest lies in contributing to AMNT's work to improve the capabilities of trustees and with its initiatives (such as Red Line Voting) which trustees would find it difficult to advocate as lone voices in their individual schemes without external support.