Pensions and Benefits UK is hosting a breakfast briefing in partnership with Cardano which those involved with pensions are free to attend. The topic discussed will be:


DB in crisis - What went wrong and how to fix it? - Kerrin Rosenberg, CEO, Cardano

The DB industry is now in crisis, with 1,000 pension funds likely to enter the PPF. There are calls for reform and the government are consulting on what, if anything, should be done. In this session, Kerrin Rosenberg will share 25 years of experience working with DB funds and give a candid perspective on what has gone wrong and what needs to change.

Yes, regulatory and legislative reform is necessary, but even without it, there are simple, practical steps that most trustees can take to dramatically improve their chances of successfully paying their members the benefits that have been promised. This provocative and stimulating session will provide an excellent introduction to other topics discussed at the conference, even those concerning DC.


We ask that guests attending the breakfast briefing arrive at 8.15am for breakfast with the session beginning at 8.45. To register for this briefing, please email Joshua Wrazen at