Pensions and Benefits UK is hosting a breakfast briefing in partnership with Linklaters which those involved with pensions are free to attend. The topic discussed will be:

Breakfast Briefing: Everything you wanted to know about buy-ins, buy-outs and longevity swaps but were afraid to ask

Buy-ins, buy-outs and longevity swaps are buzz words at the moment. Trustees of any defined benefit pension scheme will probably be hearing about these and being told they need to think about them. It can be difficult to know what these options really mean and whether it is right for your pension scheme.

Join Linklaters' pensions and insurance experts who have helped many trustees through these types of transactions for an interactive session where there will be a Q&A session to answer any of your questions (using the PBUK app or otherwise) and looking at:

  • The jargon used for these deals and what it really means;
  • Commonly asked questions such as, how does the process of a buy-in/buy-out work and where does the buck stop after the ink has dried on the contract; and
  • Some of the thornier issues for trustees contemplating risk management such as should I really be thinking about a buy-in or a longevity swap and, if I should, how can I make sure that it delivers what is needed in a cost effective way?

We ask that guests attending the breakfast briefing arrive at 8.15am for breakfast with the session beginning at 8.45. To register for this briefing, please email Joshua Wrazen at